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The film tells the rise of the lord of evil, told in a legend there is a world rulers of darkness, played by Jet Lee, as the ruler of the dark world he has a loyal army of thousands, these loyal soldiers eventually turned into a terracotta warrior when the Emperor was trapped in the tomb magic . The story of the generation of the ruler of this crime are the main attraction of this film, if we want to see how the lunge kick Jet Lee as an evil person then the film shows the other side of the Jet Lee.
One day the ruler of darkness resurrected after resurrected he tried to create chaos and slaughter. Brendan Frasher task to be someone who eradicate the lord of darkness and haunted troops. Finally comes the Michelle Yeoh who became a spiritualist, with the mantra he raised the ghost or mummy troops to fight the Emperor and other terracotta warriors.
Animated scenes depicted with sophisticated special effects, the battle between warrior terracotta warrior mummy skull shape is very interesting, if you've never seen a scene as cool and as good as 300 then the impressions animation in this film worthy of consideration, the battle between two great forces has always been the theme the core of The Mummy.
Resurrection of the dead soldiers always attract many people, at first glance this movie seems colossal, but beautiful animation effects displayed have created its own value for this film


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